Police & Security Documents
Police & Security Documents
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Letter regarding release of RNC CCTV Video
Letter regarding release of RNC CCTV Video In response to many requests to publicly release the 6,000 hours of CCTV footage taken by the police in downtown St. Paul during the Republican National Convention, St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington wrote this letter to Michelle Gross from the organization Communities United Against Police Brutality (CUAPB) in which he claims that it would not be possible to "make readily available, to the public at large, copies of the video". Harrington also claims that "Beginning January 6th, 2009, all CCTV video will be available for viewing by you and any members of the public at large at the Saint Paul Police Western District, 389 North Hamline Avenue. [Read more]

Map: SPPD Authorized Parade Route
Saint Paul Police Department's official map of the authorized parade route for the 1 September 2008 march. Full size PDF available. [Read more]

Mobile Field Force teams and RNC Command Structure in Minneapolis
Mobile Field Force teams and RNC Command Structure in Minneapolis An amazing series of charts showing the organizational command structure of the Minneapolis Police Department Mobile Field Forces (i.e riot cop units) down to individual officer badge numbers and in some charts which riot control equipment individual officers were assigned. The charts were obtained through a Data Practices Request by an RNC '08 Report source. Includes charts of the MFF Command, the West District RNC Command Structure, West District MFF Divisions 6-10, the Bicycle MFF Command, MPD Bike Unit, and CART Teams. [Read more]

Map: Public Viewing Area during Convention
The public viewing area will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day and is part of an ongoing commitment by Saint Paul to make it possible and safe for anyone to be able to view and experience the convention. [Read more]

Plans to Target Transportation Infrastructure Surrounding Republican National Convention
The Republican National Convention-Welcoming Committee (RNC-WC) is an anarchist/anti-authoritarian group that formed in the spring of 2007 in order to disrupt or stop the Republican National Convention (RNC). It is likely that they will target transportation infrastructure surrounding the RNC in an attempt to accomplish their goal. The RNC-WC strategy utilizes a layered approach that emphasizes flexibility and diversity of tactics in order to maximize member strengths and knowledge, both individually as well as en masse. Overall, the RNC-WC’s early formation, comprehensive membership drives, strategic partnerships and flexibility is likely to result in a more robust and balanced effort than other groups’ at previous conventions. Also, a basic social network analysis shows the RNC-WC’s potentially high power centrality and betweenness relative to other protest/anarchist groups with similar intentions, and reveals that collaboration and information sharing are likely prevalent. [Read more]

Powerpoint presentation: National Special Security Events (NSSE)
The 2008 RNC was designated an NSSE
Unclassified briefing by Mario Carrillo (USNORTHCOM), Jean Lumley (FBI Miami) and Bill Lowry (Dolphin Stadium). A National Security Special Event is defined as "A significant domestic or international event, occurrence, contest, activity, or meeting which by virtue of its profile and/or status represents an attractive target for terrorist attack." Gives a good overview of the command structures that existed during the RNC. [Read more]

Policy and guidelines for investigations and information gathering operations involving First Amendment Activity
Policy and guidelines for investigations and information gathering operations involving First Amendment Activity A nine-page manual titled "Saint Paul Police Department's SIU Policy and Guidelines for Investigations and Information Gathering Operations Involving First Amendment Activity". In a February 25th, 2008 article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, titled "As convention nears, rules set for scrutiny of protesters", writer Randy Furst wrote: A new St. Paul police policy for investigating protest groups draws praise from police experts for its sensitivity to dissent, but criticism from those who worry that police will spy on activists leading up to the Republican National Convention.. "It looks like they are in the business of infiltrating groups," said Chuck Samuelson, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, after reviewing a copy of the policy requested by the Star Tribune. "I am not sure what would prompt them to say that because I don't think that the document says that," responded Tom Walsh, a St. Paul police spokesman. [Read more]

MACC Daily Briefing Sheet for 8-31-04 during 2004 RNC in New York
1,187 protesters were arrested in a single day, in several mass arrests
MACC Daily Briefing Sheet for 8-31-04 during 2004 RNC in New York This document from the Multi-Agency Communications Center identifies the number of people arrested a various locations on August 31, 2004 during the Republican National Convention in New York City. Mass arrests characterized that Convention, just as in St. Paul. According to press reports compiled by the New York Civil Liberties Union in their 2005 report, Rights and Wrongs at the RNC, arrests by day during the 2004 RNC in New York were as follows: Aug. 26: 22 arrests, Aug. 27: 264 arrests, Aug. 28: 10 arrests, Aug. 29: 253 arrests, Aug. 30: 13 arrests, Aug. 31: 1,187 arrests, Sept. 1: 21 arrests, and Sept. 2: 29 arrests. [Read more]


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BOSTROM, Matt (Assistant Police Chief of St. Paul), CHOI, John (St. Paul City Attorney), COLEMAN, Christopher B. (St. Paul Mayor), DARBY, Brandon (A.K.A. "CHS 1", paid informant who infiltrated Austin protesters), DARST, Andrew (A.K.A. "Panda", "CRI 2", paid informant who infiltrated RNC Welcoming Committee), DEPALMA, Matthew (Michigan Molotov Case), DOLAN, Tim (Minneapolis Police Chief), FLETCHER, Bob (Ramsey County Sheriff), GAERTNER, Susan (Ramsey County Attorney), GOODMAN, Amy (Democracy Now, arrested Sept 1st), GROSS, Michelle (Communities United Against Police Brutality), HARRINGTON, John (St. Paul Police Chief), HEFFELFINGER, Tom (Former U.S. Attorney) and LUGER, Andy (former Assistant U.S. Attorney), HUGHES, Elliot (alleged torture under Ramsey County Sheriff's care), JOHNSON, Jason (Tased in Mears Park on Day 2), KELLY, Mick (Banner carrier shot with projectile at point blank on Day 4/Arrested for distributing leaflets about RNC march at Obama rally), LANE, Leah (abusive arrest on Day 4 captured on CNN and Fox 9), LUBINSKI, Sharon (Assistant Police Chief of Minneapolis), MAHONEY, Dave (Accused of dropping sandbag onto I-94 freeway on Day 1), MULHOLLAND, Ann (St. Paul Deputy Mayor), NESTOR, Bruce (President of National Lawyers Guild, Minnesota Chapter), PAWLENTY, Tim (Governor of Minnesota), ROWLEY, Coleen (retired FBI 9/11 whistle-blower and peace activist), "RNC 8" Arrestees (Monica BICKING, Robert CZERNIK, Garrett FITZGERALD, Luce Guillen GIVINS, Erik OSELAND, Nathanael SECOR, Max SPECTOR, and Eryn TRIMMER), RYBACK, R.T. (Minneapolis Mayor), SMITH, Keith (17-year-old protester allegedly beaten by police on Day 1), SULLIVAN, Karen (Undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the Anti-War Committee), SUNDIN, Jess (March on the RNC organizer, Anti-War Committee), "TEXAS TWO" Arrestees (Bradley Neal CROWDER and David MCKAY), THUNE, Dave (Ward 2 Council Member for St. Paul)

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